Events Management

As the premiere event planning and events management team in Singapore, Unearthed Productions is proud to work with our clients and ensure that their event is nothing short of exceptional from start to finish. You see, hosting an event is one thing, but ensuring that your event serves as an experience for your audience is something entirely different, and our services help to make that happen.



Planning & Creating

One of the most enjoyable aspects of what we do is helping our clients plan and create their events from scratch. If you need help brainstorming ideas, our team is ready to help.

event management

Event Management & Programming

Keeping your event on schedule, on time, and enjoyable for all parties involved is absolutely critical. Our management team stands at the ready to program your event from start to finish.

Artise Management

Hosting Management

When it comes to hosting your event, our team features a number of talented artistes to help ensure that your audience is engaged and compelled throughout your event.

Venue Sourcing

Venue Sourcing

Our event planners are experts at finding the perfect space for you to host your virtual or hybrid event. Don’t forget about The Hybrid Event Centre, your premiere production studio space.


Logistics & Furnishings

No matter where you’re planning to host your event, our team can work with you to transform that space into an event-ready, or stream-ready space with the right furniture, décor, and fixtures.



While you might not realize it, logistics plays a large role in the success of your event. At Unearthed, we’ll work with you to manage registration and administration from start to finish. From tech-savvy RSVP, to on-site and day-of registration, we can handle it all.

Venue Sourcing 2

Photography & Videography

Documenting your event is just as important as the event itself.  Our photo and video team is on-call to ensure that every special moment of your event is captured in stunning detail.



Media Truck Rental

Audio Visual Rental & Logistics

We’re proud to provide full AV support to ensure the success of your event. This means finding the right equipment and helping you manage, maintain, and utilize it from the moment your event starts, to the final curtain call.

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