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The New Era Of Event Experiences

As the world adapts to new challenges, new technologies pave the way for new possibilities. At Unearthed Productions, we’ve unearthed these possibilities, and we’re ready to help you take advantage of them.

Engaging All of Your Audiences Simultaneously

Hybrid events give you the chance to engage your on-site audience and your virtual audience all at the same time, and with a seamless experience. At Unearthed Productions, our hybrid events team will work with you to launch an engaging and insightful event that resonates with your audience during a time where connection is hard to come by.

A Human Connection

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us all a yearning for human connection, but with social distancing guidelines, that connection can be hard to come by. Our hybrid events make it possible to engage with small-scale on-site audiences, while also connecting with a virtual audience, giving them the chance to see, hear, and connect with one another in real-time.

It’s as if they were all in a single room together. This is the future of event planning.

The Hybrid Experience Centre

With more than 15 years of event planning experience under our belt, Unearthed Productions is proud of our reputation as an industry leader and a pioneer in the hybrid event space. The Hybrid Experience Centre revolves around our in-house production studio, which allows us to provide our clients with a complete and comprehensive production experience.

Located right in the heart of SUNTEC Singapore, our massive 42,000m2 space lends itself to virtual and hybrid events, ensuring that our clients have the perfect stage to plan, produce, and stream their event with state of the art technologies.

Collaborate With Us Today

Ready to collaborate on your next virtual event or hybrid event? Our team is standing by to connect with you today and help you bring your unique vision to life. Let’s make your vision a reality. Our team would be excited to hear from you, so that we can work together, highlight the details that are important to you, and turn your dream into something real.


How do I make sure my event adheres to the COVID-19 regulations?

All of our managers are certified Safe Events Ambassadors. This tops us up with the ability to ensure your event is safe to execute according to the guidelines!

Can I find out more on the feasibility of my event for a hybrid format?

Sure! Reach out to us in the contact button below and let us help you out.

Can my host interact with both on-site and virtual attendees?

Yes! With our dedication and experience in Hybrid Events Management, you can be sure all your attendees will be engaged throughout the event.
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