About Us

A lot of event companies tend to put up long essays on who they are and what they’re passionate about here. This is written to fit into a one-page scroll or a mini presentation deck – it should work a little like an elevator pitch. We let your fantastic images do the shouting and keep words to the minimal for our busy clients.

At the end of the day, we want your clients to feel like they want to work with UP, instead of being bombarded with information that might not be relevant to their business.


Our founder, Adam Piperdy, first started out by renting out speakers. Meanwhile, he also began his career as a HotFM and 987 DJ. With his passion for events growing, he couldn’t help but keep trying to make events better.

So, he left his job and eventually developed a one-man team to a fully equipped events company. Since then, everyone who’s walked through the doors of Unearthed Productions are trained to work from ground up while breaking new grounds.


Let us convert your business ideas to reality. This is how we can add to the timeline of your business progress. We’re good at hosting:

Dinner and dance

Let our event company help conceptualize, plan and coordinate your dinner and dance event in Singapore.

GALA dinners

Hosting GALA dinners from pre planning to post dinner parties, we make sure everyone eats and enjoys the evening.

Awards and appreciation ceremonies

Let us create an exceptional ceremony for your top performers in the company. Make them feel appreciated and valued.

Conference and meetings

Our event company conducts planning and hosting to ensure a smooth experience for all executives.

Family day

Function planning and hosting for your employees' Family Day. Jam-packed fun and a memorable day for everyone!

Branding and activation

Branding & Activation We'll create a unique brand identifying with your company's identity.

Team building

Let our planners create a memorable team building session for everyone to bond over and remember.

Other special events

Have an event in mind? Contact our friendly team at Unearthed Productions and get ideas!

The Team

Adam Piperdy

Chief Experience Officer

Jasmin Chen

Head of Projects


Creative Lead

Dennis DV

Creative Associate

Tiffany Then

Creative Associate

Foo Kai


Jenny Tan


We work closely with you as your business partners to co-create and bring out the best in your brand through experiences.

Let us get in line with your vision and collaborate from start to finish.

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