3 Event Personalisation Ideas For Your Next MICE Event

Event Personalisation

Personalised MICE event experiences are necessary for forging memorable connections with your attendees, especially in today’s ever-increasing market saturation and competition. But it’s not easy.

An onslaught of marketing and advertising content, all competing for a share of the attendee’s attention span, means it’s necessary to make sure your next event is truly unique and memorable if you wish to leave a lasting impression.

The good news is that investing your time and energy into event personalisation is a fruitful endeavour. In fact, a 2024 event marketing report states that 61% of event attendees actively keep a lookout for customised experiences. This means that adding a personal touch to your attendees’ experiences will differentiate an average event from an unforgettable one.

Here are three ideas to help you deliver unique, individual experiences for your attendees in your next MICE event:

1. Customised registration process

Event registration

There’s no reason not to start early in your event personalisation efforts, and the first place you can start is with the registration process.

There are many ways you can tailor your registration process. For starters, you may prepare personalised pre-event surveys that will classify your attendees into different segments. Some examples include:

• Do you require assistance with lodging?
• Do you require transport to and from the event location?

• Which tracks or sessions do you wish to attend?

You may also take it a step further by including open-ended questions to truly individualise each attendee’s experience. For example:

• What objectives do you wish to fulfil in this event?
(particularly suitable for conferences, trade shows, workshops, etc.)

• What made you interested in registering for this event?

• What do you hope to learn or gain from attending this event?

2. Bespoke swag

Bespoke swag

Should your budget allow it, you may also consider creating and giving out bespoke swag (physical or online goods or gifts given out to attendees of an event). Bespoke swag not only allows you to appeal to your attendees’ particular needs or wants, but also demonstrates the lengths you’re willing to go to give your attendees a unique, memorable experience. Receiving a nice personalised gift to take home will leave your attendees with a memento (and a reason) to remember your event and brand post-event.

The most common way to personalise your swag is to add their name to it. Whether it’s embossing the front cover of a notebook, printing the face of a coffee mug or embroidering the side of a tote bag, putting your attendee’s name on your swag is a surefire way to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

For the swag itself, there’s no limit to what you can provide. Here are some examples to get the ball rolling for you:

• Mugs
Tote bags
Water bottles
Clothing (t-shirts, caps, beanies, etc.)

You may also want to consider planning your swag according to the nature of your event. For example, if you’re planning a tech-related event, think about mousepads, laptop cases, portable chargers and the like.

Finally, don’t limit your personalisation efforts to printing attendee names on your swag. You can even consider preparing specialised gift sets for different attendee segments, such as notebooks for the general attendee segment, but specialised fountain pens with embossed names for VIP guests.

3. Individualised food and drink menu

Individualised F&B menu

If your MICE event includes a dining segment, this is a good opportunity for you to serve up a special menu for each attendee or segment. This gives your attendees an additional talking point, which is particularly useful for event settings where strangers are seated together. 

While the straightforward personalisation choices will include factors like “no seafood”, “no pork” or “gluten-free”, consider making your menus more specialised by surveying your attendees pre-event. Here are some personalisation choices you can include:

• Meats (chicken, fish, beef, duck, etc.)
• Wine (red, white, sparkling
Wine types (red: Merlot, Pinot Noir, Bordeaux, white: Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling)

You may also consider printing their names on serving dishes or wine glasses, similar to how you would individualise your swag.

Plan personalised and unforgettable event experiences with us today

Event personalisation may seem straightforward on the surface, but keeping your efforts to factors such as personalised swag or menus may not suffice, as your competitors may be doing the same. That’s why it’s important to first identify the most effective personalisation strategies to execute in your next event.

Unearthed Productions is an award-winning full-service agency that conceptualises meaningful experiences for a multitude of event formats. From conceptualisation to on-site execution, we’ll make sure the attendees in your next event receive an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience through the use of specific personalisation efforts that amplify your brand identity.

Plan your next event with us today!

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