6 Event Branding Examples To Enhance Your Brand Experience

Event Branding – Seedly PFF 2023

In today’s competitive and saturated business landscape, it’s a huge challenge for brands to stand out from competitors. This means that creating a unique brand identity for your events is essential to retain top-of-mind awareness.

Event branding plays an important role in differentiating your brand. It has the potential to enhance your brand recognition and forge powerful, even unbreakable connections with your customers. It also helps to generate new leads and add credibility to your brand.

In a 2023 events outlook report by online event management service Splash, nearly half of event marketers claim that in-person events yield the highest ROI. This means that when done right, your event branding has the potential to make a direct and positive impact on your ROI.

Here are six event branding examples to help you create a unique and memorable brand experience for your next event:

1. Website

Event Branding – Seedly Website

The Seedly PFF 2024 website features clearly defined event branding elements on the homepage, such as the event colours and graphic elements that showcase the event concept.

Often the first touch point between brand and customer, it’s essential that you create a distinct website for your event. It serves as a powerful event branding tool and sets the tone for your event.

Your event website should contain all the relevant event information to make it easy for potential attendees to register. Must-have information includes:

• Your event’s purpose
• D
• Start and ending times
• Location
• Registration details
• Programme details
• Participating speakers and performers
• FAQs

The Seedly Personal Finance Festival (PFF) 2024 featured a standalone website that clearly displayed the tone of the event: a nostalgic throwback to an older period in Singapore’s history. This gave the event a distinct identity, and made the event more memorable for attendees.

2. Design

Event Branding – Gamification design

The Seedly PFF 2023 concept, “Level Up Your Personal Finance Game”, was put on full display in the form of a giant claw machine.

Related to the previous point, event design offers consistency in your brand identity. This includes colours, logos, typography, graphic elements and even stage design.

An example was last year’s Seedly PFF 2023, which featured the concept “Level Up Your Personal Finance Game” and made use of purple, blue and pink colours to give the event a uniquely noteworthy visual countenance.

3. Signage

Event Branding – Signage

The container-styled signage was a main feature of Artbox 2024, and served as an example of memorable event branding. Photo: Invade

While many brands rely on their existing identity for their event signage, incorporating distinct and event-specific signage is a good way of presenting a unique event branding concept to your audience.

In Artbox 2024, the main signage was seamlessly integrated into the overall event branding. The signage was displayed on a container stacked on top of one another–a reference to the event’s origins as a container market from Bangkok.

4. Swag

Event Branding – Swag

Swag  featuring artwork depicting an arcade machine was given out to attendees at the Seedly PFF 2023.

Not to be mistaken with merchandise (which is intended for sale), swag is a promotional tool used at events, where items with event branding are given away to attendees. Swag serves to attract new customers with its visual branding, while retaining top-of-mind awareness among new and existing customers alike.

Swag can also be digital if you’re looking for more sustainable options. Some examples include:

• Digital gift cards
• Exclusive online passes for workshops or seminars
• Free software trials

Most importantly, swag should act as a tool to enhance your event branding. Ensure that your swag prominently includes your event logo, taglines and colours.

5. Videos

Shooting videos for your event is a great way to put your event branding on full display. Teaser videos are effective for drumming up excitement pre-event, while post-event highlight videos, such as the one we made for Seedly PFF 2023, offer a way for attendees and non-attendees to look back on the event.

Another possible video option is a behind-the-scenes video, such as the one we made for Tech in Asia Conference 2022, where you give attendees a glimpse into how the event was planned and executed.

6. Influencers

Event Branding – Influencers

Influencers from SGAG, who co-organised Artbox 2024 alongside Invade, were instrumental in attracting the attention of their communities for the annual event. Photo: Invade

A powerful way to brand your event and increase awareness for it is by associating with influencers. This creates the potential for the cross-pollination of communities, just like how Artbox collaborated with SGAG for their annual event.

To start, list down influencers who are relevant to your brand’s identity and offerings. Examples include athletes making an appearance at an event hosted by a sports brand, or inviting food bloggers to a food festival.

Conceptualise unforgettable event branding with an experienced agency today

Event branding may seem like a familiar concept, but planning and executing truly memorable event branding strategies require experience, expertise and intimate industry know-how.

Unearthed Productions is an award-winning full-service agency that conceptualises meaningful experiences for a multitude of event formats. From event branding conceptualisation to on-site execution, we’ll make sure your next event gets the brand recognition and top-of-mind awareness it deserves.

Plan your next event with us today!

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