How To Optimise Your Venue For MICE Events (With 4 Ideas)

MICE venue optimisation

An important revenue stream of a venue owner is through the hosting of conferences, gala dinners or other types of MICE events. To do that, you’ll need to market the key benefits of your venue to the relevant audience and obtain enquiries.

While it’s true that proper marketing efforts are an essential part of the process, enhancing your MICE venue itself may ultimately prove to be the deciding factor. If done right, you’ll not only increase enquiries, but also be able to hold larger and more profitable events.

Here are four ways you can optimise and maximise the potential of your venue for MICE events:

1. Adapt your event space

From a MICE event organiser’s point of view, the versatility of an event space is one of the most important factors they will consider. Flexibility means options, and if your space can accommodate multiple configurations to suit an organiser’s needs, that will give them a major reason to enquire with you.

A common method of configuring your space is by segmentation, or by dividing a larger space into several smaller ones. You could try adding modular wall panels or retractable walls that can be configured to create separate rooms.

Pacific Ballroom divided into 3

The Pacific Ballroom at Pan Pacific Singapore can be divided into three separate smaller ballrooms.

For example, the Pacific Ballroom at Pan Pacific Singapore, one of our partnered hotels, can be split into three separate ballrooms. This makes the venue ideal for accommodating concurrent events, such as conference meetings or banquet dinners.

2. Invest in top-tier event technology

The event technology you provide at your venue also plays a huge role in optimising your space. From professional PA systems to digitally controlled lighting technology, your investment in event technology can make all the difference in the world to event organisers.

Event organisers can utilise the P3 lighting system to change light colours with fully programmable settings.

An example is the P3 lighting system in the Pacific Ballroom at Pan Pacific Singapore, which we covered previously. It affords event organisers full control over lighting settings, making it a big draw for event organisers who value ease of control and the freedom to create unique experiences.

3. Strike valuable partnership deals

While this is not a direct optimisation to your venue, a highly effective way to elevate your venue in the eyes of MICE event organisers is via strategic partnerships. They not only enhance your image as a trusted MICE venue, but also fosters opportunities to make new and valuable connections within the industry.

Engage theatres

Since the launch of our partnership with Suntec Singapore, Engage Theatres has played host to several significant business events.

In 2022, we partnered with Suntec Singapore in a multi-year partnership. As a result, Engage Theatres, which is home to Suntec Singapore, has played host to major business events such as AWS Global Summit 2022, Hilton Leadership Conference and Singapore Airlines Conference among many others.

Find out more about exploring a strategic partnership with us here.

4. Enhance your sustainability initiatives

A major part of the modern MICE industry is an increased focus on sustainability. With a MICE sustainability roadmap from Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Singapore Association of Convention & Exhibition Organisers & Suppliers (SACEOS), event organisers will be on the lookout for venues that accommodate greener initiatives.

There are many ways to implement sustainability initiatives at your venue. Here are some examples:

• Using local wood from downed trees in Singapore for set design and construction
Repurposing pallets and crates for event props and design components
Providing bins for waste sorting
Banning the use of single-use plastic water bottles
Working with conscious community partners from local communities
Only partnering with reliable, responsible, and sustainable suppliers
• Using compostable and biodegradable components

Tap into a greater portion of the MICE market with us today

As a venue owner, there are steps you can take to optimise your venue for MICE events. But the process will certainly be faster and smoother with an experienced strategic partner by your side.

Unearthed Productions is an award-winning full-service agency with 14 venue partners in our network. Our venue partners enjoy exclusive benefits and privileges, such as access to an arsenal of top-of-the-line audio-visual lighting (AVL) equipment, a dedicated team of event specialists and access to keen insights on influences guiding the purchase decisions of event organisers, which we use to drive more bookings to your venue.

Take full advantage of these benefits and join our venue network today!

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