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5 Proven Ways to Turn Any Corporate Event Into a Memorable Experience

Over the past 16 years, we’ve executed countless corporate events for companies, organisations and government agencies in Singapore and around the region. These range from awards ceremonies to client or staff appreciation nights to festive celebrations.

No matter the type of corporate event, your guests will be anticipating a special experience. If you want to leave them with an everlasting impression, then keep reading because in this post we’ll be sharing how you can perfect your corporate event.

1. Bring the right cuisine to the table

F&B is an indispensable part of any corporate event, but keeping your guests filled shouldn’t be your only aim. In fact, we encourage you to be critical in your choice of caterer and the menus it offers.

As a general rule of thumb, international guests would appreciate a menu that primarily features local cuisine, while local guests trend towards a large variety of international cuisines. Who will you be inviting to your corporate event?

2. Invest in your pre-event experience

The comeback of in-person corporate events has given us the opportunity to re-enable our clients to connect and engage with their guests in new and exciting ways, not least at a seminar that JobStreet recently organised for its partners.

JobStreet Exhibition

Guests browse an interactive exhibition on the evolution of job search in Asia as part of the pre-event experience at a JobStreet seminar

There, we guided guests through a series of distinct zones. Guests started their journey at the entrance of the event venue, where they checked in for the seminar and indulged in a cocktail reception. 

We then led them into the foyer, which housed an interactive exhibition on the evolution of job search in Asia. They could also claim their door gift from a vending machine – just before they entered the ballroom hosting the main presentation.

3. Choose a venue that’s suited for the occasion

It’s no surprise hotels rank highly among the venues for a corporate event. They offer a diverse range of spaces designed to fit any number of guests and are versatile enough to accommodate any occasion.

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SG Mark 2022 Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner

SG Mark 2022 Awards Ceremony & DBCS Gala Dinner was held at Cloud9 Piazza at Jewel Changi Airport

But don’t forget you can also explore unique venues that will bring an extra edge to your corporate event. For example, the SG Mark 2022 Awards Ceremony & DBCS Gala Dinner was held at Cloud9 Piazza, which is located at the top floor of Jewel Changi Airport.

Famous for its uninterrupted views of lush greenery and being a unique vantage point for watching Jewel Changi Airport’s iconic indoor waterfall, Cloud9 Piazza couldn’t have been more ideal for SG Mark, which recognises and celebrates the best in architecture, interior design, product design and user experience design.

In the end, guests were treated to an inspired experience that saw various elements of the corporate event – such as soft lighting and LED butterfly kites – weaved seamlessly into the nature-centric décor of the venue.

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4. Encourage your guests to socialise more

Corporate events have traditionally been shared experiences driven by active interaction. However, beyond the pre-event reception, guests have had little incentive to socialise. Part of it is because we’ve been so focused on delivering an engrossing performance.


Guests at the L’Oréal FutuHR Convention 2022 joined in a song and dance

While it’s good to entertain your guests, consider mixing it up by inviting your guests to participate in the festivities. Keep some space at your event venue for your guests to get involved in say, a song and dance. Who wouldn’t remember that?

5. Don’t leave out the post-event experience

A white-label door gift is one of the most popular keepsakes, but a more meaningful way to maintain a connection with your guests is to send them an event highlight video. The video is a great way to capture the most picture-perfect moments and encapsulate the vivid emotions of your corporate event.

You can also use this chance to gather feedback from your guests by giving them a post-event survey, ideally within 12 hours from the end of your corporate event. This helps show your guests that you value their participation and time and is yet another personal approach to engaging them.

Love these ideas? Our Experience Managers are on hand with even more ideas on how you can turn your corporate event into a memorable experience and the know-how to execute them successfully.

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