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6 Clever Event Ideas To Effectively Boost Employee Morale

6 Clever Event Ideas To Effectively Boost Employee Morale

It’s no secret that employee morale and productivity come hand in hand, and that employee engagement drives up profitability by as high as 21%. That’s why it’s always wise for employers to ensure their workforce stays motivated, happy and driven to give their all at work.

The challenge, however, comes with the how. The desires and motivations of employees in any given company are incredibly diverse, and it may seem impossible to strike a chord with every single individual.

But the good news is that there are common factors that tie employees together in a company. One of them is the encouragement of cohesion through team building events. Here are six clever and practical event ideas that are sure to increase your employee morale:

1. Sports day

Sporting events are, by nature, designed to encourage communication and teamwork through a shared goal: winning. A sports day also gives your employees the opportunity to get out of the office space for a fun day in the sun.

There are a ton of sports you can implement into your employee event. Think about large group sports like soccer, basketball or baseball if you’re looking to bring your employees together, or more individual or paired activities such as tennis or badminton if you want to really bring out the competitive side of your employee.

Alternatively, for a more sweat-free option, you may also consider activities such as bowling or darts.

Either way, a company sports day will bring a welcome change of pace that will not only prove to be memorable, but also effective in energising and boosting your employee morale.

2. Escape room

Another idea that encourages teamwork is planning an escape room challenge for your employees. The concept has been popular for some time, but they’re not only for friends or family – they work surprisingly well in bringing employees together to search for clues, solve puzzles and figure out how they can escape together before time runs out.

Escape rooms not only require a lot of communication and collaboration, but are also an effective method to bring together employees across different departments that may otherwise not have as much opportunity to interact.

So the next time you plan a company event, consider putting this idea in your list!

3. Volunteering

It’s widely understood that corporate volunteering is a positive initiative that gives back to the community. However, volunteering doesn’t just serve these communities but the volunteers themselves too.

This is backed by several studies, one of which found that corporate volunteering initiatives lead to an increase in job satisfaction, possibly due to a personal sense of pride and accomplishment.

Another HR report echoes this sentiment, where 62% of HR executives state that volunteering makes employees feel more positive about their company. That’s why planning a volunteering event may just be the key to bringing up your employee’s morale. 

While there are many organisations you can reach out to for volunteer programs, it’s wise to make sure that there’s a good reason behind your choice of beneficiary so the event doesn’t come off as disingenuous.

Some ideas for volunteer activities may include running online workshops, field volunteering within their communities (cooking for a homeless shelter), or even something as simple as donation drives.

4. Trivia

An effective method to lift your employees’ spirits is by holding a company-wide trivia event. Trivia games allow you to plan out various formats, such as individual games that let employees show off their general knowledge or group games that involve teamwork to win points.

On top of that, it allows employees to learn more about each other, and creates opportunities for communication among employees that might otherwise not have the chance to interact.

Prepare a series of questions related to various topics and areas of interest. Try to mix in both work and non-work related topics to keep things exciting for your employees.

5. Scavenger hunt

There are few activities better than a scavenger hunt when it comes to combining teamwork, critical thinking skills and bringing out the competitive side of your employees. Scavenger hunts also offer versatility for you, as they can be organised in many different ways.

Think about holding an office-wide scavenger hunt, where you can plant props and clues around the office building.

If you’re adventurous, you may also consider expanding the scope to the surrounding vicinity or even island-wide!

6. Awards ceremony

While it may not be the most original solution, an awards ceremony is very effective for making your employees feel appreciated and acknowledged, which ultimately serves to raise their morale.

If time and budget permits, you may even consider planning multiple seasonal awards ceremonies to ensure your employee morale maintains its peak. For example, consider options such as once per quarter or once every six months.

However, keep in mind that planning an awards ceremony from scratch is a daunting task, and several complexities may cause you to make some mistakes during the planning process.

See how to easily avoid the top five awards ceremony planning mistakes.

Plan your next employee event with us today

The list of possible activities you can organise for your employees is long, but what ultimately makes your event successful is smart, insightful and effective planning. That’s why the best way to put together an event that achieves your goal of boosting employee morale is by working with an experienced events agency with the relevant expertise.

Unearthed Productions is an award-winning full-service agency that conceptualises meaningful experiences for a multitude of event formats, including employee engagement events such as the SG Mark 2022 Awards Ceremony & DBCS Gala Dinner, and the SATS President and Chief Executive Officer (PCEO) Awards 2021. From conceptualisation to on-site execution, we’ll help you deliver one-of-a-kind experiences in your next event to ultimately raise your employee morale.

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