Unearthed Productions wins tender to provide event management services for Whole-of-Government in Singapore

9 Dec 2022 – Unearthed Productions has won a tender put out by VITAL, a department under the Ministry of Finance, to provide event management services for Whole-of-Government in Singapore.

Unearthed Productions, together with 22 other event management agencies, was selected from a total of 87 respondents.

Under the contract, Unearthed Productions has been inducted into a panel of event management agencies that ministries and other government agencies in Singapore can tap on for projects.

The contract runs from 9 Dec 2022 for a period of 2 years, with an option to extend for another 2 years.

“The vast experience of our team and our strong track record in delivering award-winning event management services proved to be crucial in securing the tender,” Adam Piperdy, Chief Experience Officer of Unearthed Productions, says.

“Moving forward, we want to really demonstrate our deep commitment to sustainability in the events industry. Winning this tender has given us a big stage to champion sustainable practices at events.”

Unearthed Productions has worked with clients such as Central Singapore CDC, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Health Promotion Board and Sport Singapore.

About Unearthed Productions

Unearthed Productions is a full-service event management agency based in Singapore. Empowered by a team of creators, strategists and experts who are deeply passionate about content, audience engagement and event technology, Unearthed Productions delivers a complete suite of event solutions that allow event organisers to seamlessly execute an award-winning event experience. Producing over 100 events annually, Unearthed Productions is the trusted partner of both organisations and venue owners in the region and around the world.


For media enquiries, contact

Loh Yong Jian
Head of Marketing, Unearthed Productions
+65 8399 6020

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