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4 Worthwhile Tech-Based Startup Ideas

If there is one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it is that life continues. Despite the unpredictability of the health situation in Singapore, and the rest of the world, opportunities for new tech-based startup businesses abound.

The circumstances are certainly set up for it. Did you know that first-time entrepreneurs in Singapore have access to a unique financial boost? The Startup SG Founder Programme, overseen by the government agency Enterprise Singapore, created this program in 2017 to help startup business owners. Aside from capital, they provide mentorship to Singaporean startups.

Making it even easier for new tech-based startup entrepreneurs, running a business online has now become mainstream. Because of the pandemic, business models are being shifted online, and it is working. More people are staying online longer, making it the perfect business platform.

Additionally, there is a rise in hybrid business strategies. Now more than ever, technology is stepping up to fill in the gaps that the pandemic is leaving in the marketing sphere. Promoting one’s business online and in person simultaneously through hybrid events is now the norm. By opening a startup during this evolutionary period, you are poised to reap the benefits of hybrid events.

Now, your next step is to decide what kind of tech-based startup you’ll be running. Below are a few ideas on tech-based startups. With online technology as a foundation, it could be a breeze running your business.

Medical tele-consults

The pandemic has put healthcare on the forefront; specifically, the importance of early detection of diseases. If it is difficult for people to travel to their doctor, bring their doctor to them, virtually.

How to promote this online: Hold a livestreamed tele-consult with a panel of healthcare workers with different specialties. Let the audience anonymously send their questions for the panel to answer. Invite them to download your app/subscribe to your channel if they have more detailed issues to discuss.

Online tutoring

Learning online has loads of perks, chief of which is that you can do it anywhere. That is your business model right there: learning on the go.

How to promote this online: Virtual class, anyone? For a launch event, for example, invite one of your tutors to hold a short online crafts class for, say, pre-schoolers. Send a pack of art supplies to each of the registered participants ahead of the event. As the online class starts, the teacher will show the students how to use their materials to create beautiful art.


Shopping online today is not just convenient; it is necessary. Develop a simple storefront with an easily navigable interface. Fill it with an inventory that is easy to replenish and ship locally and internationally. Set up a payment scheme available globally.

To liven up the experience for your audience, you could also do livestream shopping. In a nutshell, this experience takes your customers on a livestreamed shopping spree, hosted by an influencer or a celebrity. According to data-mining organisation iiMedia, this video platform raked in $66 million for the e-commerce industry in 2019. The group predicted that by 2020, livestream shopping earnings would have gone up to $170 million.

How to promote this online: Say, your e-commerce startup offers sustainable home products. Invite a social media influencer to livestream their shopping experience. Send them a basket of your bestselling products; the influencer can then talk about each one from the comfort of their own home. Make sure a seamless payment system is in place to complete the virtual shopping experience.


Find a food niche that is sure to be popular this year. Healthy food, perhaps? You could partner with a chef and a nutritionist and open up your meals for delivery.

How to promote this online: Organise a livestreamed webinar featuring a nutritionist. They can talk about healthy substitutes for unhealthy food. New information that helps people improve their lives is always welcome. Then conclude with a “cooking class” where a guest chef could show your audience how to prepare a healthy meal.

The time is ripe to launch your tech-based startup. After all, the technology is there, ready for you to use. Through Zoom, Facebook Live, or YouTube Live for example, you can livestream your own events yourself. Some e-commerce sites also have livestream capabilities—check out Shopee, for instance.

However, if you are still unsure about how it all works, or if you would rather have someone else manage your livestream for you, visit Unearthed Productions. We’d love to help you out.

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