Pivoting Online with Virtual Events

A wave of emotional distress hit multiple Whatsapp groups last night when the Singapore government announced how in Phase 1 and 2 – it seems that there are no signs of physical gatherings being able to take place.

While we were all hoping, and holding on to that feeling of going down on all fours to tape up a cable on a sticky ballroom floor – it was sort of expected. The idea of an event is that it lives of social interaction whether its a 20 person private dinner or 20 000 attendees in a massive expo hall.

The biggest question is how do we reinvent, reshape, rehire, relearn everything we know about events. How can we be relevant to our clients and partners who we would already have on our accounts these few years.

Be Human

Starts off by saying hi, how are you? We are more focused on sending out EDMs to share about our latest offerings, products without even thinking about the client. What are they up to? What are their business goals right now? And how has Covid19 affected them? Without that knowledge, how are we relevant to them? Take a breather, tell someone to take a breather and let’s chat. How can we help you reach your objectives in these different phases?

Be Understanding

Your client needs events as much as you. They live off the effects of the event be it generating new leads, attracting more customers or recognizing their staff and talent pool. Perhaps we should start thinking in their shoes – instead of “Why are you not signing this quote today” or “Here’s a 30% off all our services” – that doesn’t do any good for your client or you.

Be Open

Physical events may not be possible for now but there are several other things you can possibly do for your existing network of partners and clients. It may not be as profitable as before but since online is the way to go, is there a service you can offer your client in the meantime? Design? Logistics fulfilment? Animations? Or maybe even just providing them temporary staff to meet the influx.

Follow the golden rule – find out what they want, give it to them.

And while we wait in anticipation for the days of glory to return, lets’ rethink our business model and operations. Its beyond government grants, its beyond survival skills and cheap fixes, think long term for the different phases else get ready to be phased out.

Talk to us today to find out how you can get started on your own virtual events. Contact us here!

Adam is the principal founder and Chief Experience Officer at Unearthed Productions.

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